star.jpg A Guide is a simple set of ideas and philosophies that we can use in our everyday lives. A Guide is deliberately void of religious dogma, fear-based motivations and stories of divine-inspired atrocities. The foundational principle of A Guide is compassion.

Many people believe that in order to have morals or ethics, one needs a religious framework to madate a list of rules and regulations. However, in order to further the religion itself, many religious frameworks also contain beliefs that are immoral or unethical and in fact, contradict the very core of their belief systems. This inconsistency causes many followers to become disillusioned.

In addition, in order to enforce the morality, fear is introduced as the motivating factor. Fear of excommunication. Fear of the wrath of a God. Fear of eternal punishment and torture. However, fear only serves to temporarily coerce someone into subjection to a system, but a true heart change is seldom the outcome.

The contributors of A Guide believe that one can also have morals and ethics outside of the framework of religion. However, we do attempt to draw on the positive aspects of religious ideologies choosing to accept the good and ignore the bad. We also draw on other sources such as philosophy and the arts.

A Guide is an attempt to create a set of positive suggestions by gathering the collective inputs of those who wish to positively contribute. We currently have 10 main categories. See our frequently asked questions for more information.

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